Quadraphonic 4 Channel Stereo

Salt Spring Studios is excited to release high-definition audio recordings in full Quadraphonic Surround Sound. We call this Q4, 4-Channel Stereo, as each of the four discreet channels creates multiple stereo fields, allowing you to experience a true cinematic performance.

Q4 is encoded using Involve Encode™ Surround Stereo down-mix & universal stereo audio format.

Whenever you see our Q4 logo, you can download or stream 4-Channel Stereo with a compatible decoder. Our goal is to allow you, the listener, to hear the full recording as originally intended. This is possible with Involve Audio, which has revolutionized audio by creating an immersive, natural and true to intent universal down-mix that works across all devices.

Q4, 4-Channel Stereo, can be listened to in stereo with existing stereo systems or in pure surround sound through systems equipped with Involve Decode™, Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS 5.1, Ambisonics, Sony SQ, Sansui QS, Dolby Pro Logic II, Auro-3D and Dolby Atmos. However best results will always be achieved with systems equipped with Involve Decode™.

You can learn more about this amazing technology by visiting Involve Audio at www.involveaudio.com/media/

To learn more about the best way to setup a Quadraphonic playback system, check out www.wendycarlos.com/gosurround.html

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